Knit Kit: The 101 Scarf

Knit Kit: The 101 Scarf


Want to learn how to knit but maybe not with a group? The Knit Kit is made for you! Start your knitting journey with the very basics including casting on, how to work the knit stitch and how to cast off. With this fundamental kit you'll make your very own scarf!

This kit includes everything you need to create the 101 Scarf

  • One Skein of Bulky Yarn in your choice of colour
  • One set of knitting needles
  • One darning needle (to weave in the ends)
  • One personalized Knit Nites label
  • One pattern sheet

Colour choices for the knit kits are

  • Fisherperson (beige with flecks of black and tan)
  • Hudson Bay (beige base with mixes of goldenrod, red, blue, grey and green)
  • Charcoal (dark grey with wisps of white)
  • Navy (dark blue)
  • Grey (light grey with flecks of black and tan)

The cool thing about the kits is that it also gives you access to a Knit Nite! So if you'd like to come work with a group or ask some questions, you just pop on in with your work! We're here to answer all your knitting questions so don't be shy.

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