Learn to Knit

Our nites

Joining in on a Knit Nite is the first step in learning how to knit. Knit Nites have been created as an open, social environment that is accessible for those who are picking up a pair of knitting needles for the first time to folks that would like to brush up on their knitting skills or even those that want to get out and knit in a group.

Here's what you can expect from your Knit Nite experience

  • A knitting leader that will demonstrate all aspects of the project, help you out along the way and answer your knitting questions
  • A fun, friendly environment where it's okay to make mistakes because we're there to help you fix them!
  • A Knit Nite kit that is complete with all you'll need to make your very own creation

We're there to help you out from start to finish. If your new handmade item still has a ways to go before being finished we provide post-nite support.

Ready to give it a try?